Raw Materials

At JBox we can deliver to your home as little as 1 yard, to as much as 12 yards of any of the following landscaping materials depending on weight and season. Please contact us if you have questions about what materials should be used where.

Materials Calculator

How much material do you need for your project? Let's find out. Use the form below to get a quick estimate of the material you will need.

Patios, Driveways, and other square areas:
Length: x Width: * in feet


The mainstay of all driveways and parking pads, 5/8 "MINUS" means stones ground to 5/8" size - OR LESS - and the less part means it will pack together tightly and support significant weight.

5/8" CLEAN

5/8" Clean doesn't contain anything lower than 5/8" so it makes a very strong filler for drainage systems or other areas where minimal compaction is desired.


OUR Garden mix topsoil is perfect for new lawns and garden refresh. We can spread it over existing lawns to help promote thicker growth and even color, or fill flower beds with it.



This sand can be used anywhere from kids play areas to sandbags and other places a fine spread is needed. Our sand is screened and may contain a small amount of rock naturally. We have several colors to choose from.